Master the skills needed to drive around corners sideways at full-throttle with this ultimate 20-lap drifting experience! Learn to balance power and steering and develop fearsome car control skills as you achieve smooth oversteer in a track-adapted Porsche Cayman with specially adjusted suspension and low-friction tyres for reduced grip. You’ll begin with a safety and introduction session, then it’s out onto the track with your instructor for one sighting lap and one passenger lap to show you what’s possible! Then it’s 18 laps with you at the wheel, learning to push the car’s back end out in sweeping slides around the corners as you learn how to use lift-off and power oversteer, handbrake entries, clutch kicking and Scandinavian flicks. As you perfect your feel of the weight transfer around technical chicanes and turns, you will begin to ‘steer from the rear’.

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