The ultimate introduction to the thrilling motorsport of drifting, this 40-lap Gold Drifting Experience will see you perfecting your corner slides in a modified Porsche Cayman. This finely-balanced car is perfect for learning the car control skills you’ll need to initiate and maintain slides around corners, including lift-off and power oversteer, handbrake entries, clutch kicking and Scandinavian flicks. After a brief safety briefing you’ll head out onto the track for two passenger laps with your instructor – one as a sighting lap for the circuit and one with your instructor demonstrating what’s possible! Then it’s your turn, and you’ll get plenty of time in the driver’s seat – a full 38 laps of flinging that Porsche around every corner, mastering the fine art of the power slide. At the end of the day, remember not to use your newfound skills on the drive home!

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