Treat yourself to this amazing 3 hour experience riding in an insane Jet Viper and driving a Honda racing boat and wild Thunderbolt! The Viper is up first, so it’s down the river and onto the open water in the 450bhp Jet Drive-equipped speed-machine… side slides, donuts, crash stops and cornering like a go-kart are all possible thanks to this revolutionary engine. 60 minutes of that and it’s back to base, where you’ll climb into the Honda powerboat for another 60 minute ride and your chance to drive for at least 10 minutes, learning fast turns and launching off the waves. Last it’s the Thunderbolt catamaran that skims along the surface of the water and weighs only 300kg, packing serious speed and agility. Another 60 minutes and at least 15 minutes driving the Thunderbolt and it’s back to a hot shower before your debrief and free photo presentation!

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